Refund Policy

It is our objective to bend over backward to guarantee that you are satisfied with the items you buy on! Since the entirety of our items are computerized and can’t be returned, we need to put forth a valiant effort to assist you with getting your buy ready for action.

In case you’re encountering a specialized issue with your buy

In case you’re encountering a specialized issue with an item, you’re urged to contact the structure group, as they will be the most knowledgable in regards to issues or questions identifying with the item they’ve made. Our structure group invest heavily in giving items that are high caliber and simple to utilize, and they need you to be happy with your buy, so they’re constantly glad to help!

Note: On the uncommon event you don’t hear once more from a Shop Owner following 48 business hours, it would be ideal if you present a ticket and we’ll help get in touch with them for your benefit.

Moreover, with an end goal to give you simple answers for basic specialized issues that may emerge with your bought item(s), we’ve given some speedy assets in our assistance community.

Trade Policy

We offer the accompanying trade strategy:

I’ve bought an inappropriate membership bundle. Feel free to buy the right membership bundle here, at that point present a help ticket, and we’ll happily discount the first membership bundle.

Discount Policy

Since the items we offer are computerized and can’t be restored, your buy is just qualified for a discount in the accompanying circumstances:

You distraught installment multiple times for a similar item, inadvertently. We’ll happily discount you for the copy purchase(s). Simply drop us a note here!

There is a specialized issue with the item that the plan group can’t resolve in the wake of getting mindful of the issue. To begin with, you should contact the plan group with explicit data about the specialized issue. On the off chance that you and the plan group experience a reliably reproducible blunder with the item documents that can’t be settled by the structure group, it would be ideal if you contact support. Note: Products with supposed specialized issues may be qualified for a discount when adequate data is given in regards to how the blunder was made.

The item was distorted in the portrayal. We believe a thing to be “distorted” when the conveyed thing doesn’t coordinate the depicted capacity in the item portrayal, or when a thing expressed to be incorporated isn’t conveyed. Distortion does exclude emotional conclusions on the quality or presence of a thing.

For instance: A thing would be distorted if the item depiction guaranteed clean lines, yet the conveyed item shows pixelation at 100%. An item would NOT be distorted if a purchaser accepts that the thing “doesn’t look great” or “isn’t excellent contrasted with different things bought.”

We can’t process discounts in the accompanying circumstances:

You no longer need the bought item.

You found another item you like better, or you’ve altered your perspective on your buy.

You don’t have adequate ability to utilize the item.

You don’t have the right programming (portrayed in the leaning) to open and alter the item. Programming prerequisites might be recorded one of a few different ways, including “Perfect with” data beneath the item screen capture, document type, item depiction or our assistance place.

You purchased a thing on mishap, and our framework shows that the item was downloaded.

You feel that the thing is of low quality.

You got charged for a Free Good that terminated or is past its special date. It would be ideal if you note that our dynamic free products show a catch that says “Free Access” during their special week. On the off chance that you see a similar catch rather marked “Purchase Now” or “Finish Purchase,” you will be charged, since the thing isn’t a functioning free great.

You are experiencing difficulty downloading the item in light of the fact that your web isn’t sufficiently quick, isn’t steady, can’t deal with a huge download or comparable issues identified with your web access. If you don’t mind see our assistance community articles for tips to investigate these issues.

You guarantee the thing is encountering a specialized issue, however can’t or reluctant to give adequate proof to the specialized issue.

Your item buy was made more than 30 days prior.

Would i be able to get discount after consequently charge my membership? We don’t charge repeating installments physically. Our framework helps 7 days before end to remember the membership time frame. So supporter has sufficient opportunity to drop the membership before the installment date. In the event that the supporter doesn’t drop the membership during the present installment time frame, than our framework naturally charges. It would be ideal if you see assist focus with articling for how to drop membership.

All discounts are at the sole carefulness of tshirtbundles.

Chargeback and Dispute Policy

We’re focused on ensuring you have an incredible encounter on tshirtbundles, so on the off chance that you have any inquiries or issues with your buy, we’d love to get notification from you as quickly as time permits so we can assist you with settling the issue. We attempt to react to most requests by means of the ticket structure inside 48 hours during our business long stretches of Monday-Friday, 9-5 GMT+6.

In the event that you need a discount for a buy, it would be ideal if you ensure you’ve perused our Refund Policy here before sending us a discount demand.

If you don’t mind note that we will forever close records from which we have gotten any chargebacks. Past buys will not, at this point be accessible for access for this situation. Any PayPal questions will consequently debilitate your record until the contest is settled.

I recorded a contest by means of PayPal. For what reason haven’t I gotten a reaction?

The most ideal approach to contact Creative Market about any buy issue is to get in touch with us by means of our Ticket Form here. Any questions we get through PayPal will consequently incapacitate your record until the debate is settled. We’ll be glad to determine any copy buys and different issues, however you should get in touch with us through the Ticket Form.

Imagine a scenario where I documented a chargeback on mishap.

It would be ideal if you contact your bank/card guarantor or PayPal to repeal the chargeback. Once the chargeback has been evacuated, we will have the option to re-open your record.

I didn’t record a chargeback! For what reason is my record shut?

Now and then, if a card gets dropped due to being taken/lost or has been accounted for to have deceitful action, a bank or card guarantor can here and there mark all exchanges in a particular time span as “false”. If so for you, if you don’t mind contact your bank or card guarantor to repeal the charge back.